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Arabian Flights is a game that I am writing to gain experience as a game programmer. I experimented with Direct3D and OpenGL using C++, but I decided to write AF in Java3D for two reasons.

First, I am more interested in making a game out of an engine as opposed to writing an engine from scratch. This is common among game developers, as many games use licensed engines like lithTech or Unreal to create new games. This practice means that developers don't have to reinvent the wheel every time they make a first person shooter.

Second, productivity is of prime importance. In my experience, programming in Java produces the desired results much faster then programming in C++. Since I am a full-time student at Oklahoma University, I can only program between classes, homework, and a social life. Thus, I wanted to maximize my programming productivity. I can only put in 10-20 hours per week on average, and I'd like to get an impressive game or two finished before I graduate. Hopefully, I can use AF as a demonstration of my skills and experience when I try to become a professional game developer.

I also considered making a mod for an existing game, such as half-life or Unreal2K3, but it is hard to show off what I've done to people who haven't purchased the base game.

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