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World geometry: the map will be flat and rectangular, but will be repeated four times. When the camera gets to the outer edges, it will be teleported to the identical place on the other side. The heightmap will be defined by a greyscale bitmap. Each pixel will correspond to a cell. A second, larger, bitmap will serve as the landscape texture.

Gameplay: each player will have health, mana, and gold. Health regenerates slowly, mana regenerates fast, and gold is gathered. Each player has a castle as well. When you control a gold mine your balloons bring gold back to your castle. When there is enough gold within your castle walls, you may cast a spell to convert it into a larger castle. Gold is also consumed to summon monsters. The size of your castle determines the spells you can cast, and the number of balloons you have. The castle also serves as a respawn point. When you respawn, you have full health and zero mana, and must wait for it to regenerate. The castle is made up of several tower entities. The middle tower will be created first. Then increasing numbers of towers and walls will be added around it. Nests atop the outer towers will protect the castle from enemies. The flag in the center of the tower can take damage, and if destroyed, will lower the level of the tower until it is completely destroyed.

Players fight over gold mines, and can summon monsters to guard them. Each player will have a color, which will tint all of his associated monsters, castle, balloons, etc. A player is defeated when he dies without a castle.

Monsters: Monster AI is simple state-machine logic. Each pose is 8 sprites representing 8 different viewing angles.
Kamakazi Crane: 2 poses: wings up, wings down. Cranes will orbit their nest until an enemy comes within a threatening distance, then they attack the enemy by flying towards him. When they collide, the crane dies, the enemy takes damage and a new crane is born from the nest. If the enemy gets a certain distance away from the crane, it will self destruct.

Jumping Spider: 2 poses: sit, jump. Spiders sit still until an enemy comes close. When that happens, the spider will jump towards the enemy. If it hits the enemy then the enemy takes damage. It then sits and waits a few seconds before attacking again.

FireStalk: 3 poses: still, back, forward. Firestalks are large plants that shoot fireballs at nearby enemies. When it sees an enemy, first, it rears back for one moment, then it shoots the fireball and leans forward for one moment.

Wizard: 1 pose. The wizard is the player(s).

Spells: Spells except speed consist of firing a particle from the camera, and when the particle collides with the ground or another particle, something happens.
castle upgrade - low mana, varied gold cost, level 0
This either creates a castle if none exists, or raises the level of the castle.

firebolt - low mana, level 0
This is a small fire particle that travels linearly and deals damage to whatever it hits.

claim - low mana, level 1
This tells your balloons to come and gather gold from this mine.

summon spider - low mana, high gold, level 2
This summons a spider on your team.

firewave - med mana, level 3
This is several firebolts which roll along the ground. They emminate in a 30 degree arc.

summon firestalk - low mana, high gold, level 4
This summons a firestalk on your team.

meteor - high mana, level 5
This is a big rock that creates a 360-degree firewave where it hits

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