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Stage I: Basic Landscape - COMPLETE (after 29 hours)
-2 bitmaps are read in and translated into a textured heightmap
-camera can fly around in it.
-fullscreen, infinite camera rotation

+ =

Stage II: Full Landscape - COMPLETE (after 7 hours)
-the 4 tile wraparound system (infinitely tessellating world)
-day and night skies
-fog and clipping so there's no jarring popup

Stage III: Basic entities/physics - COMPLETE (after 9 hours)
-A particle based physics system tracks sprites across the landscape, keeping them a specific distance above the ground, and keeping them in the right quadrant.
-entity behaviors: linear, rolling(following ground), brain-controlled (brains done in stage VI)
-entity list file
-floating camera

Stage IV: Full Entities - COMPLETE (after 12 hours)
-A variety of sprites are put in the game.
-Collisions are detected.
-sound can be emitted by particles

Stage V: Hud - COMPLETE (after 16 hours)
-Minimap shows the surrounding terrain
-Player health,mana,gold is tracked and displayed on screen
-Arbitrary message can be displayed at the bottom
-Any character can be used as a crosshair
-Available spells listed
-FPS tracking

Stage V and 1/2 (Inserted): Geometry-By-Reference (9 hours, mostly wasted)
-Minimap shows entities on it
-Terrain geometry is morphable via heightmap pngs - ABORTED
-Terrain texture is morphable via pngs/jpgs - ABORTED

Stage VI: Basic Monsters - COMPLETE (after 15 hours)
-Kamakazi Crane
-Jumping Spider
-Fireball throwing FireStalk
-Monsters attack player

Stage VII: Full Monsters - COMPLETE (after 8 hours)
-sprites can be arbitrarily tinted
-sprites can be mirrored to conserve memory
-monsters belong to a team
-monsters attack other teams

Stage VIII: Spells - COMPLETE (after 8 hours)
-^: Castle upgrade (dud at this stage)
-*: Claim mine (dud at this stage)
-M: Summon Spider
-o: Firebolt
-": Speed
-0: Fireball
-I: Summon Firestalk
-~: Firewave
-@: Meteor
-sprites can be transparent
-Damageable/Poseable refactoring
-mouse input fix

Stage IX : Castles - COMPLETE (after 16 hours)
-homing castle spell

Stage X: Economy - COMPLETE (after 7 hours)
-gold mines
-complete gameplay
-somewhat balanced
-a playable map

Stage XI: Pre-Multiplayer - COMPLETE (after 10 hours)
-Pregame menu system for choosing world and multi/single
-multithreaded physics
-better smoke
-smarter spiders
-performance optimizations
-code cleanup
-screenshots (press p)

Stage XII: Multiplayer - abandoned (after 7 hours)
-dummy particles
-A dedicated server is created without rendering and with the ability to send dummy particle information to clients
-a client is created which renders dummy particles and sends spell cast requests to the server.
-gameplay balancing

Stage XIII: Playtesting, mapping - COMPLETE (after 5 hours)
-gameplay balancing (removed fireball, changed speed to mouse2)
-decent maps
-victory recognition
-kill counts
-1.0 release

Stage XIV: Wizard AI - COMPLETE (after 9 hours)
-randomized maps
-is a computer-controlled player
-fights intelligently
-pursues and guards gold mines
-1.1 release

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